HOO AUS: get to know ARGO II, the new pop/punk band sensation based in San Francisco and comprising four talented young boys: Percy Jackson (lead vocalist); Jason Grace (vocals and guitar); Frank Zhang (vocals and bass) and Leo Valdez (vocals and drum). Argo II owned many people’s hearts by composing their own songs and melodies. Their first album FESTUS broke records and generated singles like The Lost Hero and Gaea. Argo II is currently on tour, conquering fans all over the world. Soon, you’ll get to know DEMIGODDESSES, the girlband that has been touring with ARGO II.

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Anonymous asked:

hello!! can u pls draw piper/frank friendship? :) i just love your art <33

k1216 answered:


Thanks, Anon! ^__^

Nico accidentally shadow travels to China with Frank and Piper and they get separated.Pips mistakes a panda bear for Frank and tackles it into a hug and the panda doesn’t appreciate it.

Guys, pandas are still, you know, BEARS. (like not just cute and cuddly) So no random hugging, ‘kay?